Wedding shots: Behind the scenes

One of the employees at Serena Hotel, Entebbe pushing a dish cart towards the kitchen area late in the night.
The beautiful coliseum venue at Serena, Entebbe light up with different colored lights at night.
Moses and Elly syncing up their color profiles before filming the morning church service
Moses adjusting his settings on a Panasonic GH4 at All Saints Church, Nakasero.

Abong Brian: Isa Lie?

Isa Lie
Black skin is amazing. I used to think we were dark because well, we live around the tropics and it’s hot over here. Anything I had subjected to heat in my 10 or so years of existence by that time had turned darker, getting to my skin tone, then darker to purplish black. The whites therefore were light because it’s colder where they be. I reasoned. Physics later added to my opinion when I learnt that white reflects heat, but then why weren’t Africans white? All this heat being reflected back would have been an effective weapon against global warming. And what about the inhabitants of the Sahara and Arabian Deserts? Long story short, I used to think about quite a few things and I still do. However, I now also think black skin and cold weather don’t mix, at least mine doesn’t.
Ash to ash, dust to dust
Lotion and Vaseline fall under the same category as makeup in my book. Since I started dressing myself, I’ve applied little to none of that stuff. If I’m wearing closed shoes, why apply lotion to my feet? That was the norm, and it worked. Admittedly, my body would get ashy, in those ash friendly places like between the fingers, elbows and feet. But never has my entire body gotten ashy, until recently. It was like someone dusted a blackboard eraser all over my body. DaFaq was going on? Winter was turning me white, and not the privileged type. Anyway, as someone who cannot identify as metro sexual or whatever, I don’t believe men should wear makeup. If you’re an actor or staring in a music video to launch your career as a sex symbol, cool. But after that, wipe that shit off. Even ladies I believe shouldn’t wear makeup. Why? Because it’s probably the reason the special ladies in our lives take ages to get dressed. I say special because I won’t wait for any insert random female name here. Also, its fraud. Plain and simple. Makeup is obtaining food, compliments, sex, money, attention, affection etc. under false pretence. But the a shyness got to extremes, and I decided I may need to apply makeup.
Makeup, You? Howly?
Normally jokes are shared between two people, or a group that has its major defining feature as their proximity at that very moment. In my case however, the person I was with started laughing, then people around us also started laughing. And we were walking, so this was like a live feed of a joke. The problem was, I didn’t get the joke. A chuckle, choke and a few tears later, she asked me a question. Why are your legs so ashy? And burst out laughing again.
Now I got it, I was the joke. I looked down at my feet, and yep. It’s like I had a second skin, some places were grey, others black. Others glittered as the sun hit at weird angles. This wasn’t funny, I was scared. My legs and feet had never looked like this. I was wearing my most famous shorts, the things I’ve worn almost everywhere. Every trip around Uganda, my one trip to Europe, in the swimming pool and recently, to South Africa. And never had my bottom half looked so much like the walls of an abandoned smoke house.
This therefore called for drastic measures. See, I usually buy a bottle of lotion and use it for about a year or so. Between my fingers, on my fading tattoo and my feet when I’m in my trademark African crafts. Since the Ashy day however, that has changed. I apply that cold stuff whenever I’m not in a hurry; on my legs, the parts of my back I can reach, chest and my drumsticks. At times I just avoid exposing too much skin. But this is a lie.
Isa Lie?
My lotion is like it was designed in an experimental army base. The terms used range from intensive care, multi-layer to micro droplets, all of which should help “restore dry skin to reveal its natural glow” and “soothe extra dry skin”. Yep, that’s what I needed, unless ashy skin isn’t dry skin. But after over 3 months of applying almost daily and the bottle running out, if I miss a single day, the ash is present. What kind of scam is this? You promise one thing, but deliver only if used daily? Isn’t this slavery of some sort? Vaseline-did I think this would be possible.
| Abong Brian

Picture of the day

Reagan and I leaving a conference hall after a work PR event. It was a long day which had come to an end. The cocktails we had in the gardens later that day couldn’t have come at a better time. 

Lumix Business

A few days ago I acquired a new small back up camera; a Lumix TZ8. After experiencing the paranoia generated by the fairly large Nikon in people, the Kasokoso incident being the worst yet, it was time to go small. The target was something that could easily fit in a pocket and something that had one rechargeable battery. I had to forget about most of the things I’d have insisted but the camera having one rechargeable battery wasn’t among them.

A couple of years ago, I used two cameras that needed at least two pairs of small double(AA) batteries to power on and it was a real pain! it gets worse because most of the affordable (AA) batteries in Uganda don’t last that long ,being the knock offs that they are, especially when they are used in gadgets like cameras. I can’t properly express how much of a relief it was to finally make the switch to using only one large rechargeable battery!

Anyway, back to the Lumix. Yet to know how well it performs on all fronts but the usage tests have begun. The choice to get a 12mp point and shoot camera was made because the practice has to go on without the burden of having to carry a large camera all the time. I will be posting more pictures from it soon. In the meantime, here a some grainy test shots I took at night with the flash switched off. It definitely struggles at night.