The patient herdsmen


Pictures of the day: Vania Olmos Lau

Vania eating cooked white ants at the farm
Vania standing in the beautiful path next to Patrick’s hut
Vania looking at some Wshop sample pictures in the night
Vania adding manure to the hole dug up for planting a mango tree
Vania Journaling in a notebook on top of the “farm tower”
Vania relaxing with Patrick and his wife as they each waited to start work.

These were shot in the last weeks of Vania’s stay at the farm. She interned with Priceless Farms for a period of 6 months before she had to go back to school in the Netherlands. Vania is a student of Agroecology.

Pictures of the day: Jerusha Hexspoor

DSC_2796 copy 2

DSC_2797 copy

Portrait shots of Jerusha Hexspoor taken in 2016 at Galiraya, Kayunga. This was during her stay at Priceless Farms where she was enjoying her holiday.