Mum’s custom made bags


​These are custom made bags crafted by my mum. I guess we finally know where that creative gene came from. This is a new venture she’s into to keep busy and also bring in some money while at it. I was blown away by the fact the she’s been able to pick a new skill fairly recently and clients are already trickling in. Some of the beads she uses are made of glass and others are made of plastic. She’s currently working on an order of about 10 bags that were commissioned by the Bakiga Mother’s Union and she’s pretty excited about it!


The disappointing Adonai paintball experience


We were all looking forward to enjoying a few paintball games at Adonai. It had been a while since the Ssezibwa and griffin falls trip so paintball came up just at the right time. We get to Adonai and the first red flag we see was the lousy zip line set up just at the gate. We didn’t mind it since we hadn’t come for that so we proceeded to the waiting/ dressing area where we also signed disclaimer forms that absolved Adonai from any responsibility should an injury be sustained when one takes their protective gear off. That document gives one the impression that things get real down at the shooting course. Everything was good and you could feel the anxiety in the air as we waited for the paintball course to free up.


The second red flag was the old, torn, faded gowns they handed for us to switch into before leaving for the course. We figured since it’s a muddy place having fancy gowns would be a waste so we everyone grabbed what fit, got a paintball gun and we followed one of the referees, Nassim I believe, down to the muddy shooting course. We handed the guns over to be filled up with the green paint balls and gas placed into the small gas cylinders that power the gun propulsion system.


We were even taken through the rules of engagement, split into teams, we deployed into the battlefield, whistles were blown for the games to start and that’s when things started going downhill.


The paintball guns kept jamming, most of them had gas leaks so the gas run out faster than it normally should which all led to to incessant pausing of the game. We practically didn’t do any battle because the guns failed to work.


What was disappointing was that there was never a sign at any one time that we were getting a refund despite the fact that they didn’t deliver the paintball experience as advertised. They kept receiving money from clients like everything was okay and running smoothly. I don’t believe management at Adonai believes in refunds because efforts to reach them went in vain so we left very unhappy people. We got scammed!


The only thing that saved the day was the pork and booze some of us drowned in later in the night. They helped wash away the feelings of disappointment, anger and embarrassment that creeped into most of us that day after that immensely disappointing paintball experience at Adonai.


Lumix Business

A few days ago I acquired a new small back up camera; a Lumix TZ8. After experiencing the paranoia generated by the fairly large Nikon in people, the Kasokoso incident being the worst yet, it was time to go small. The target was something that could easily fit in a pocket and something that had one rechargeable battery. I had to forget about most of the things I’d have insisted but the camera having one rechargeable battery wasn’t among them.

A couple of years ago, I used two cameras that needed at least two pairs of small double(AA) batteries to power on and it was a real pain! it gets worse because most of the affordable (AA) batteries in Uganda don’t last that long ,being the knock offs that they are, especially when they are used in gadgets like cameras. I can’t properly express how much of a relief it was to finally make the switch to using only one large rechargeable battery!

Anyway, back to the Lumix. Yet to know how well it performs on all fronts but the usage tests have begun. The choice to get a 12mp point and shoot camera was made because the practice has to go on without the burden of having to carry a large camera all the time. I will be posting more pictures from it soon. In the meantime, here a some grainy test shots I took at night with the flash switched off. It definitely struggles at night.