Picture of the day: 256faces

Picture of the day: 256faces

Digital Painting

Digital Painting

It’s scary when you don’t know what’s coming next. You don’t know if the next “art”

you create will be as good as the last one. You have no idea where that next “piece”

will come from and what will inspire it. Do others out there face these dilemma’s like I do?

Am I a fraud waiting to be dug up or Is this just another phase that’s waiting for time to pass?


Sometimes you just decide to put all the worry and endless questions aside and dive right

into the creation process. Sometimes, the output is dull but, once in a while you

get to surprise yourself.



Software used:

Photoshop CS6

Illustrator CS6

Picture of the day

DSC_0729 copy
Picture of the day

I want to take a picture of you when you’re not looking at the camera. I want to take a picture of you enjoying that moment. I want to take a picture of you in your natural element.