100daysofpix: DAY 60!

The 7hills squad at Namirembe Cathedral on Namirembe Hill

We’ve so far covered 60 of the 100daysodpix challenge! It’s going great! Posting frequently on Facebook has made me look at the pictures I take with a bit more context and a bit more depth. I’ve learnt two things so far;

  1. I don’t put out enough work out there. I keep a lot of edited pictures stored away yet I could as well share them online.
  2. I need to take more portraits of people because I’ve received some great feedback for a few portraits I’ve taken plus I enjoy shooting people (who are not looking at me) which is weird because when I started out I thought taking pictures with people in them would be the last thing I would ever be interested in.

If you’re interested in following up on the challenge please find our Facebook page by clicking here.


#100daysofpix | 47

3 days to day 50! We’re almost at the middle. We are humbled by all those reading this and all those who’ve complemented and supported this series so far. Thank you!

 For day 47 we have a shot taken near the first of three Sipifalls as we embarked on the 7km hike through the punishing terrain. At this particular point we could still afford the smiles. 



We are taking on the #100daysofpix challenge on our facebook page. We start this Friday 26/05/17 and the plan is to post 100 pictures with short captions. We hope that this will enable us share more content frequently on the page. Please follow our wshop page here for more updates.

I should also add that this was partly inspired by Marion who’s currently half way through her 66 days of Journaling and doing an amazing job at it. Pass by and check out how far she’s gone here.