Thank you for the support

Thank you for the support

It’s 5.30am and I am typing this on my phone, under the candle light. Why candlelight you ask? Well, I switched the light off because it’s too bright plus there’s something about the strong bulb glare that makes it seem like this space is too wide and exposed which usually makes me uncomfortable while i am having one of those sporadic writing episodes.  I also switched it off because i am about to bleed on this note pad and I don’t want to see how much blood that’s going to be lost. This is one of those posts where you want to say something but you’re not sure how to express it but let me just run with it.

So we made 100 followers on this blog a couple of days ago and we are still excited about it! 100 followers guys! That might seem like a small number to many but not to us. We look at 100 and we see 100 people who have said ‘yes, we like what you’re doing and keep doing it’, something that has exceeded our expectations so far. We see 100 people who have felt, feel and share the same crazy passion we have for art. 100 people who want to see more of what we have to offer. 100 people who have chosen to go on this journey with us regardless of the unknown destination. To all of you awesome people who followed us this far, we at Wshop say thank you, asante sana. And to all those awesome souls that have liked and commented on this blog tweyanziza, we are grateful, and we do look forward to sharing more content and interacting with you all.

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Behind the scenes

Here is a link to a music video shot and directed by Christopher Kobel, proprietor of Clumsy productions. Song by Santana, Benezeri, Pryce Teeba, Reazy


Picture of the day: Ugandan Faces

Ugandan Faces
Ugandan Faces

I don’t really know what I want
I don’t really know what I need
I don’t know what other people need
I feel confused a lot of the time
Not really knowing, you know in, in what direction to go
What things to do or how to, how to live my life properly
Life is interesting though, it’s a bit of a search

People look for what they want in all sorts of different things
Um, and they often neglect the things that they need in life
You know there are a couple of basic things that I think most of us want
Even if we’re not completely aware of the fact that we want those things
And I don’t know how to communicate that to people
Usually it’s just something that you learn in time

It’s messed up because sometimes we want things
That are completely opposite of what we need
In fact a lot of the time in the world today
You find people searching for and seeking out things
That are terrible for them.

By Ian Kamau. This was extracted from a song titled “What we all want” by Shad and Ian Kamau.

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Picture of the day: Ugandan Faces

Ugandan Faces
Ugandan Faces

Age is the ceiling,
Beyond which nothing goes;
But often it’s deceiving,
As we too are liars.

Teenagers are commonplace
With big faces to wash,
Extending to the scalp;
Others all hair grey –
While the aged are so young.

Truth or lies – whatever’s told-
Age remains strange:
The young wish they’re old,
The old they’re young-
None accepting reality.

All women – ten or fifty-
Are exactly eighteen;
Politicians – fifty or eighty –
Are only forty-five, which
They celebrate every year.

When all’s said and done,
Life remains life:
Old looking remain young,
Young looking remain old,
Anxious young remain young.

//Poem by E.K.M Beyaraaza #Poetry #Uganda

Picture of the day: Ugadan Faces

Poetry meets Pics


Maybe I’ll tell you, tell you secrets and tell you lies / pull the blind inside your eyes / maybe I’ll show you, that the world it’s a disguise / if we seek then we will find / I could be the moon in the twilight / you could be the change when the morning comes / when the morning comes

#IanKamau #Poetry #PoemsMeetPics

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