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First off, thank you for visiting the blog. In this global sea of blogs where each churns out daily public content it becomes quite a task getting anyone’s attention. It’s great to know that you’ve chosen to browse through Wshop [Wakweika Shop] today and hopefully we’ll convince you to keep coming back. Wshop was created as a space to share thoughts, processes, through words, photography and design.

My name is Wakweika Felix. I am a Ugandan introvert trying to make sense of things a day at a time. I enjoy making digital art through photography, web and graphics design. Personally making art is fun and therapeutic. The satisfaction derived from thinking about something, conceptualizing it, and watching it materialize on a computer screen or on paper after a few hours or days is golden to say the least. The passion for creating digital art was aroused after my 4 year law degree studies. My efforts to continue on with a career in the legal sector turned futile after I failed an entry exam into legal practice school, twice. Suddenly with a lot of time on my hands thoughts about what I really wanted to do led me into a spiral of deep soul searching lots of sleepless nights trying to fill up all the free time I had with something I wanted to do. Something that was constructive and something I enjoyed doing.

I’d been doing a bit of website design at University so I decided to learn more about the art and business side of things to take things to the next level. I disconnected and got lost into the design world learning the tools and ways of the trade. I cut out most of the noise in my life which involved getting out of touch with a lot of friends and family. My life quietened and the learning curve into the design world finally started.

Along the way I got into photography; something that was bound to happen. Photography was a game changer. I loved the process of taking pictures and all the work behind the scenes that goes into making a picture look decent. Something sparked inside. I got hooked and that was it. The blog morphed into a photo blog with the major aim of showcasing Uganda and its people and it’s been that way since.

Uganda is found in East Africa. And, just like any other “third world” country or any country for that matter, we have issues; those we face as individuals and collectively as a nation. Uganda is an extremely beautiful country with lots of beautiful scenery and amazing resilient people who manage to survive each day regardless of the daily obstacles they have to put up with. We try capturing the beautiful scenes we come across and the amazing people we meet on this blog.

Initially, I was the only content producer but over time I’ve been joined by Jon, Moses and Brian who’ve appreciated where the blog is going and volunteer in the content creation process.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the rest of the gang;


Jon Jfk

One of these volunteers is Kawooya John, aka Jon JFK. I’ve known Jon for about 12 years now. We met at the beginning of secondary school and it’s been quite a ride. I asked Jon to write something about himself for the blog so that you, the blog fans and followers, can know a little more about those that contribute to the blog.  Here’s Jon;


Hello!! I’m Jon JFK!! If your wondering what the initials stand for, that’s a story for another day. At some point while growing up I thought I had a plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to my destination. I thought of life as a straight clear road, only to take a turn after spotting the ‘signs’ as I rode along…

As a child I did love the camera, the mere sound of the flash amused me. The film strip (as it was known in the 90’s) of the gadget itself used to fascinate me. I think back then all this was a sign for me to realise my talent. If you would have told high school me that I was going to grow up and fall in love with photography, I would have been shocked. I had a dream once; studying law. I dreamt about joining an awesome law firm and even had hopes of saving the world through helping others. Like most dreams, mine came to an end shortly after graduating from university.

I then embarked on a path to self discovery. This path opened me up to a number of things photography being one of them. Photography is an art I use to tell a story. In a way I believe that can save the world too. I shoot anything that has a story I can tell. I  take shots of birds, weddings, models and consumer products. With every story I tell, I am grateful that it’s out there for someone to relate to.

Moses Kyadondo

I met Moses at University as he was pursuing his journalism degree. He has worked as a journalist for Urban Tv, a television station under the national New Vision group of companies. He did news pieces, news features and camera work for the station till he decided to go freelance. He’s a cinematographer / photographer who has a passion for farming too.

I asked Moses to write a few things about himself and his take on photography. Here’s Moses;

 DSC_7250 copy

As I walk around on the many photo expeditions I have embarked on I find myself needing to be both calculative and impulsive at the same time. This tends to create a challenge for the overall session. It is however in this challenge that the best pictures I have taken come to be realized. My name is Kyadondo Moses Jjengo and photography among others is my art form of choice. I use a Lumix G7, a descent camera with many features that dramatically make it easy to take a variety of pictures in different settings. It is the pictures that ultimately inspire me to continue along this craft. Every time I take a nice picture which is appreciated by my peers I start to wonder what more I can capture to make me better today.

I hope you enjoy your time here. Feedback of any kind is greatly appreciated. In case you would like to use any images here, feel free to do so as long as you credit this blog as a source.

Welcome to Wshop.




14 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Felix from your work you made realize that photography is a way of feeling , of touching, of loving and whatever image of me you caught always makes me remember the little things, long after i have forgotten everything.Thank you for the beautiful art.

    1. Hi Ken. Thanks for passing by. Looking forward to sharing more content. I am enjoying your photography and the stories behind the shots. Keep up the great work!

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