Lumix Business

A few days ago I acquired a new small back up camera; a Lumix TZ8. After experiencing the paranoia generated by the fairly large Nikon in people, the Kasokoso incident being the worst yet, it was time to go small. The target was something that could easily fit in a pocket and something that had one rechargeable battery. I had to forget about most of the things I’d have insisted but the camera having one rechargeable battery wasn’t among them.

A couple of years ago, I used two cameras that needed at least two pairs of small double(AA) batteries to power on and it was a real pain! it gets worse because most of the affordable (AA) batteries in Uganda don’t last that long ,being the knock offs that they are, especially when they are used in gadgets like cameras. I can’t properly express how much of a relief it was to finally make the switch to using only one large rechargeable battery!

Anyway, back to the Lumix. Yet to know how well it performs on all fronts but the usage tests have begun. The choice to get a 12mp point and shoot camera was made because the practice has to go on without the burden of having to carry a large camera all the time. I will be posting more pictures from it soon. In the meantime, here a some grainy test shots I took at night with the flash switched off. It definitely struggles at night.