On the road: Mabira

Part of the Kampala-Jinja road that goes through Mabira Forest. Shot this with Jon’s Canon on our way to Jinja. The tilt screen on his camera gives you a lot of options to work with in terms of perspective.   


3 thoughts on “On the road: Mabira

  1. Great Picture. I must say. I really love watching black and white images. So good to watch. As an photographer i can understand how much creativity it requires to capture black and white pictures so appreciate your efforts. I am also an photographer but not that perfect like you but u can have a look at my work at http://www.nitinkhanna.net and let me know how you find it. I would love to hear from photographer like you. Appreciate Your Hard work. Thank you

    1. Hi Nitin. Your website, http://www.nitinkhanna.net, is impressive. Keep it up! I like the fact that you give advice to those who are in search for more knowledge about photography. I believe this will also help in advancing your skills since you understand yourself better through explaining your process to others. I would like to see more of your pictures on the website. You mentioned a lot of types of photography that you’re involved in. It would be great if you could share more of your pictures for us to see. Keep up the great work so far!

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