Meet Jon: Wshop contributer

Wshop is slowly growing into something bigger. Initially, I was running this blog alone but with time some few people who appreciated where I was going with the blog volunteered to take part in the content creation process. 

They join me in the field to look for content which is great for many reasons but mostly, it’s a great security measure. See in Uganda, as most places in the world I assume, walking around dangling an expensive camera on your neck or shoulder is bound to get the attention of people who would want to keep it for themselves. Walking around in a group reduces the chances of camera theft which gives me a sense of security and lets me focus on shooting.

Shooting in a group is more fan and, being an introvert, it gives me the confidence to take shots I would have otherwise chosen not to for fear of having to engage strangers in conversation and, often offering explanations to what I am doing.

One of these volunteers is Kawooya John, aka Jon JFK. I’ve known Jon for about 12 years now. We met at the beginning of secondary school and it’s been quite a ride. I asked Jon to write something about himself for the blog so that you, the blog fans and followers, can know a little more about those that contribute to the blog. Ladies and gents, here’s Jon;
Hello!! I’m Jon JFK!! If your wondering what the initials stand for, that’s a story for another day. At some point while growing up I thought I had a plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to my destination. I thought of life as a straight clear road, only to take a turn after spotting the ‘signs’ as I rode along…

As a child I did love the camera, the mere sound of the flash amused me. The film strip (as it was known in the 90’s) of the gadget itself used to fascinate me. I think back then all this was a sign for me to realise my talent. If you would have told high school me that I was going to grow up and fall in love with photography, I would have been shocked. I had a dream once; studying law. I dreamt about joining an awesome law firm and even had hopes of saving the world through helping others. Like most dreams, mine came to an end shortly after graduating from university.

I then embarked on a path to self discovery. This path opened me up to a number of things photography being one of them. Photography is an art I use to tell a story. In a way I believe that can save the world too. I shoot anything that has a story I can tell. I take shots of birds, weddings, models and consumer products. With every story I tell, I am grateful that it’s out there for someone to relate to.

Written by; Kawooya John


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