Priceless Farms #2016

These were shot late last year on Priceless Farms in Kasokwe, Kayunga.

DSC_2774 copy_compressedDSC_2707 copy_compressedDSC_2668 copy_compressedDSC_2665 copy_compressedDSC_2569 copy_compressedDSC_2532 copy_compressedDSC_2417 copy_compressedDSC_2368 copy_compressedDSC_2353 copy_compressedDSC_2249 copy_compressedDSC_2210 copy_compressedDSC_2204 copy_compressedDSC_2100 copy_compressedDSC_2091 copy_compressedDSC_2088 copy_compressed


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