In love with the Sigma


A friend asked me to tag along and help out with taking pictures at an introduction ceremony last weekend. Initially, I thought I was going to use the Nikon but when I got there, they (Jim and Kobel) had hired more fancy tools to play with!


The one toy that sucked me in and made my day was the 24-104mm Sigma lens that was mounted onto a Canon 6D! Mehn, that piece of tech made me finally appreciate the value of using and choosing a great lens and how a simple change of lens (preferably to a prime) can increase production value.


The sigma works perfect in low light conditions. It was my first time to shoot for that long at night. We shot till 10pm and the quality we got was amazing. We had a huge portable light which helped a lot too. The colorful decorations and various outfits at the ceremony added a dynamic and rich feel to most of the shots we got.


I was so so taken up by the Sigma lens i totally forgot all about the Nikon which I had gladly handed to Moses who had been using the Canon before. Using that Sigma lens has made me start thinking about different ways I can get me a similar lens for my photo kit.


I would like to congratulate both Emma and Jacky on having such an awesome introduction ceremony! Special shout out to Kobel Chris who recommend us to the family and we shout out to Jim too for providing us the opportunity to showcase what we can do with a camera. We appreciate you all!


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