The Jr.NBA League ends

finals-37The junior NBA league finally came to an end with the trophies going to Crane High School for the boys and to St.Noah for the girls. Ngabi Apparel, the Ugandan Clothing line we were working with, was generous enough to give the MVP’S a pair of sneakers and a cotton hood each!


We congratulate both teams! The games were intense, entertaining and inspiring to watch. The zeal and energy with which these young people play the game gives one hope for the future of basketball in Uganda.


It’s been a long tough week since we had to sort through over a thousand pictures that we took from day one of the league and then process the sorted ones immediately thereafter but we are glad that task is no more. We ended up sorting out and processing approximately 168 pictures that we are yet to upload and submit to the Jr.NBA Management team. We thank Ngabi Apparel for giving us the opportunity to work with them, we also thank the Jr.NBA League management team especially Hamza, Emmanuella and Vicky for letting us be apart of what was a remarkable journey. Asante sana. Tusiima nnyo!

finals-29finals-23Here are a few more shots for you from the finals that were held at the MTN Arena over the weekend.




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