Why I hate pictures

Why I hate pictures

I feel uncomfortable when I have to pose for a picture. There’s something about looking into a lens pointed at me that freaks me out. I feel vulnerable and exposed. It feels like a billion eyes are staring right at me on a stage with a bright spotlight circle focused right at me everyone waiting in anticipation for a show. So I mostly try to keep away from being put into positions where I have to stare at a lens. However, I don’t mind pictures of me being taken so long as they are not the kind tabloids would pick interest in and so long as I am not expected to fake emotion in them and once in a while I allow a picture or two of me to pop up.
Last weekend, Moses and I were testing out his new Lumix G5 in low light conditions and we chose to put on the latest collection of WTees before we took a few snapshots against a white sheet and wall. Moses doesn’t like staring into the lens too but I have used him a lot as a subject for my projects it felt right to switch out roles this time. I liked how this particular one turned out. I used it to make a social media ad for the WTees (puff). What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Why I hate pictures

    1. You’re welcome! Thanx for the compliment. I can see what you mean. I also think most times when people do look at the camera they are aware and might subconsciously try to fake it.

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