Earning in the rain

Earning in the rain

This was shot in Jinja. That large water body is the great river Nile. Sand had just been brought in by boat from across the river and the young man in the picture was shoveling it into that makeshift bucket which was a jerrycan in its past life. A colleague of his, who was away, would pick it up and empty it out around the corner as he filled up another with more grains. A drizzle started shortly after and from the sound of the droplets across the river, a heavy down pour was seconds away. On the bottom right, you can actually see some of the ripples caused by the drizzle on the river. These guys however, didn’t mind. They kept on shoveling and emptying buckets of sand with no care in the world about the incoming heavy rain. I guess this was just another day at work for them. We, on the other hand, had to run for shelter in a nearby shack.


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