Tennis Flashback

Tennis Flashback

This is the tennis court next to Mbale golf course. Standing here reminded me of my tennis playing days in the late 90’s. My brother and I practiced all day with borrowed rackets and tennis balls till we became fairly good at it. One day, a local recruiter approached us and asked us to join his team which used to train at the Jinja tennis court, the only tennis court I had ever seen. We got excited about it and always pointed it out to our friends whenever we had the chance. Unfortunately, we didn’t enjoy our shine for long. We found out a few weeks after we received the exciting news that we, the entire family, had to move out of the area because Dad had been transferred to the capital city, Kampala. Met the sport years later when I joined secondary school.
One of the reasons I enjoyed playing tennis is because it’s one of those sports that don’t require body contact for the competition to take place.


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