Picture of the day: Ugandan Faces

Ugandan Faces
Ugandan Faces

I don’t really know what I want
I don’t really know what I need
I don’t know what other people need
I feel confused a lot of the time
Not really knowing, you know in, in what direction to go
What things to do or how to, how to live my life properly
Life is interesting though, it’s a bit of a search

People look for what they want in all sorts of different things
Um, and they often neglect the things that they need in life
You know there are a couple of basic things that I think most of us want
Even if we’re not completely aware of the fact that we want those things
And I don’t know how to communicate that to people
Usually it’s just something that you learn in time

It’s messed up because sometimes we want things
That are completely opposite of what we need
In fact a lot of the time in the world today
You find people searching for and seeking out things
That are terrible for them.

By Ian Kamau. This was extracted from a song titled “What we all want” by Shad and Ian Kamau.

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Find the entire poem/lyrics here


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