Picture of the day: The Nest

The Nest

With You Burundi

With you Burundi

Written on 24th December 2015
We create hash tags because that’s all we can do. That’s all we have been taught to do. Yes, we are aware that our brothers and sisters are getting slaughtered right next door; we have the proof in our smart phones and in our screenshot folders. But must know that we are also scared and helpless; helpless in our own abodes where we go to work, sleep at night, have friends and family but still feel trapped in; these thick invisible cells.

We have prayed and are still praying but the BIG GUY must be extra busy, you know? The end of the year and all. We figure he must be busy attending to the public mass shootings in those ‘outside’ countries. Some of the guys from the prayer group suggested that HE might be busy answering mail from the TRUMP haters but either way we still praying on.

These are not in any way excuses from our inaction, no. These are legitimate explanations as to why you have not seen any significant help from us yet. We are still working on it. All we ask is for you to bare with us for now and take these our prayers, retweets and hash tags that we are offering. We are with you fully in spirit till the year we break free from these thick cells of ours, if we find them.


Jinja photo walk: Why I didn’t ‘back slide’

Victoria Nile PS Hall

After the skies cleared up a bit we continued our walk towards this place; Victoria Nile Primary School, my first Primary School. We were forced to take shelter here after the skies teared up again. Standing here reminded me of one of the worst days of my life. I still remember the fear I felt on that day. It was one of those moments that taught me something about stage fright.

During my time at this school we all had to put on some kind of show for our parents at the end of each third school term. My class had chosen to perform a western song and at some point during the choreographing stage they decided the performance would have more production value if someone with ‘back sliding’ skills did a ‘little something’ for the audience. This was in the 90’s when ‘back sliding’ was golden. Michael Jackson was a god!

I regretted why I had chosen to show off my then newly acquired skills, from one friend, to my other friends who ratted me out when a volunteer was asked for. We practiced our routine a bunch of times and each time I had to ‘back slide’ from one point to the other. Dreaded each minute of it.

On d-day our turn was next. We went up to the stage, started our routine, my cue for the ‘back slide’ was signaled and nothing happened. I didn’t do shit! haha. The rest of the performance went on as planned though. As soon as I saw all those people I decided it was a better option to disappoint my class teacher, my classmates, and probably get a scolding from the teacher, than to embarrass myself in front of a hall full of people. I can’t explain the relief I felt after that day ended.

Standing here again also reminded me of how we sometimes undermine our ability and strength to get past the fears we thought we could not handle at the time. We surprise ourselves when what was once impossible in our heads materializes into possibility.

And that’s the story of how I didn’t ‘back slide.’

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Jinja Photo Walk: Moses’ Leather Monster

The Leather monster

I brought a 6 year old pair of shoes for the walk but guess what Moses brought? This THING! This mean looking black leather thing! This beast! Just look at it! This is the kind of shoe I imagine Makmende would slide on. Who is Makmende? (open up another tab for Google). I keep thinking that if this was the kind of shoe that was thrown at Bush it wouldn’t have missed, despite his great ducking skills.

leather meets rubber right here ladies and gentlemen. I kept jumping puddles of water along the way while Moses was busy conquering them. He bought this pair at a shoe shop in downtown Kampala; one of those shops that sell awesome authentic used and new shoes cheaply to other retailers who then proceed to hike the price two or three fold.

He keeps saying I need to check the place out and I will when some of these clients start paying up any year now. hehe (for real though I need them to pay up)

In the shot below “The leather BEAST” looks bored. We had to take shelter again in a church compound because of the rain which kept dropping in uneven intervals. Almost like someone at the tap above was playing a cruel joke on us; letting the tap flow whenever there was no shelter in sight. The leather beast was yearning for a puddle to conquer and I was slowing it down.

The leather monster

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Jinja photo walk: The 6 year old shoes

6 year old shoes

We arrived in Jinja at 11am. It started raining heavily as soon as we crossed the Jinja bridge so we had to alter our photo walking plan. The taxi dropped us off in Jinja town where we took shelter under a retail shop as we waited for the rain to let up.

As we waited, I started worrying about the shoes I brought for the walk. They have a small hole beneath the shoe sole so whenever it rains, my socks and feet get soaked.
I bought these shoes at 6,000/= (
2$) in 2010. They were displayed on an old shelf and staring at me to save them. They looked worn out but still functional. They had this circuit system graphic design on them and they were “OLD ALL STARS!” I had to have them

6 year Old Shoes

I’ve had my fair share of knock off Old Stars but this pair made me appreciate authentic products a lot more. 6 years is a long damn time and you can clearly see the effects of the wear and tear on these things.

These shoes and I have gone through a lot together. They have seen other shoes come and go. I started my walking routine a couple of years ago in these shoes, I have jogged in them, played ball with them and partied in them when they still looked decent.

I have more than gained my money’s worth from these bad boys so I plan to retire them this year.

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Jinja photo walk 18th Jan

Jinja photo walk

Written on 17th January 2016

Early tomorrow morning we plan to set off for a photo walk in Jinja district. It’s a pilot project of a travel club series we are working on. We plan to take pictures of different interesting spots in Jinja. And yes, we are doing all this as we walk.

Jinja District is in the Eastern Region of Uganda . The town is approximately 81 kilometres (50mi), by road, east of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

I spent a large part of my childhood in Jinja. The oldest childhood memories I have are from this place. I remember my first scare in nursery school/kindergarten; the kid I was seated next to fainted during class and I thought he was dead. Turns out he had a medical condition, he joined us a few days after that.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

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