Pictures of the day: Baha’i Temple

Bahai Temple 1: Kikaya Hill
Bahai Temple in Uganda 1: Kikaya Hill

This is the Baha’i Temple in Uganda. The only Baha’i Temple in Africa. I love going to this place though I don’t subscribe to the Baha’i faith. It just feels different here. It’s always quiet when I come here and by quiet I mean there’s no human noise; no kelele of hooting commuter taxi’s and discussion boards about last night’s soccer scores.Here I get to hear the birds chirp in High Definition. I get to follow their conversational sounds. The location is breathe taking; the compound is always kept beautiful and clean. Then, there is the architecture. Just look at it. Who wouldn’t be amazed at that sight in Uganda? This is the kind of place you come to read in peace. The kind of place you can really get lost in despite being out in the open. A place for meditation.

Bahai Temple 1
Bahai Temple in Uganda 2: Kanyanya Hill

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