Sights from my birth place, Mbale, the forgotten lands.

Like the late professor Ali Mazrui once said, we produce in our minds what we do not use, we use in our barracks what we do not produce

I hope one day these smiles will shine onto these forgotten lands

IMG_4951 fin 25 copy

IMG_5015 fin 32 copy

IMG_4982 fin 30 copy

Old and Tired

The metallic path

In Mbale bicycles are still active in the transport sector

Mbale town keeps fading each year

IMG_4954 fin 27 copy

The dusty road being used by heavy trucks connecting to Tororo in Mbale

IMG_4871 fin 18 copy

IMG_4911 fin 20 copy

Part of the Wanale ranges

IMG_4953 fin 26 copy

At least, the vendors still have some freedom here

IMG_4928 fin 22 copy


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