Just friends

Source: everydayquote.com
           Source: everydayquote.com

Hold on, let me tell you about this one situation I seemed to randomly find myself in. See…

she stepped out towards me surprisingly, making it impossible to gather my standing as I stood there laced with a “what’s to come” feeling. A feeling brought on because of that lingering conversation we had without even saying anything, but the glances thrown back and forth they they spoke of another untold proclamation.

I mean this women had my senses dazed and confused to the brink of, what can only be classified as emancipation… and it wasn’t merely for the sake of the desire to see her naked, nah it was because of the aura she continuously radiated, see her beauty and overall presence is what attracted me but the, truth of the matter is her character is what made me want to keep her next to me.

Yes I said it’s complicated, because the extent of what we could discover about what we could be, we’re oblivious to, so we created something that was borderline amazing. Shit, she even had an old man trying to spark up conversation.  The type of women that knows her worth & could drive a prophet to convey a drunken smile while reciting religious scriptures devoid of hatred.

So in the end, somewhat thankfully, friends is what we were always destined to be, the rest was how we came to realize the best of what it meant to just… be. So friends we remain even though our friendship will forever with untold endings, be intertwined till the end.

 This, was my encounter with the women behind the smile of a… lifelong friend.


~Nikolai Tjongarero aka OKIN (www.okin17.blogspot.com)


Heart Within Your Palms

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He’s lived his life attempting to help everyone with almost anything & in so doing sacrificed everything, yet even he knows that Ambition is a pure form of energy that can be harnessed so as to accomplish almost anything.
So he continues to journey on in his pursuit of his dreams, but keeps hearing the call of the tormented souls lost within the vessels that stand before him.
That is why I write to liberate my thoughts from their mental prison, so I script my life in order to place my Heart within the palms of your hands & hope you listen.
Hope you listen to the tale of a Black Narcissist ready to step out into the ocean of possibilities & mold his path to where he could never picture himself ever being. Yes, I am an evolutionary being, and now the question is whether the Villain within is revolutionary in how they will tend to define his and my being.
This is the tale of the child that sits in the shadows; he is the tormented soul that will forever battle against himself in order to reason out whether the victor will be the hero or the villain within. This is the story of his end as much as it is about his beginning as well as everything in between.
So I write to liberate my thoughts from their mental prison & script my life in order to place my Heart within the palms of your hands & hope you listen.
 ~Niko Tjongarero aka OKIN (www.okin17.blogspot.com)

The jungle I live in

Picture Source: Hdwallpapersos.com
Picture Source: Hdwallpapersos.com

If the punishment of corruption was death, would that solve things? A few years ago i would have probably said yes to that but, as the years go by i have noticed that layers of naivety keep peeling off my thick eyes.

It took quite some time to finally see it; it’s not a nation, it’s not a country, it’s not a community and it’s definitely not a democracy. We are in a jungle and out here survival always comes first…