Quick thought

There was an article in today’s Daily Monitor which offered a different perspective on how to go about the proposed change of Uganda’s anthem. The author suggested that instead of change why not just translate the anthem into other Ugandan native languages? I totally agree with this perspective. I, however think that in addition to this the translation should be done free of charge. Sounds ridiculous, right? Why free of charge? Research has showed that performance of tasks is better with no financial incentive at all. I know most of you smart heads are now doubting right now so here you go [https://www.ted.com/talks/dan_pink_on_motivation/transcript]. That link<<< is a transcript to a TED talk presentation by Dan Pink who I talked about a while ago in a podcast titled Trends and Motivation. If such a task is taken on by volunteers I am quite sure the results will be remarkable and Ugandan anthem would be better understood by those who might not necessarily know how to interprete the end English language.

PS: The Entebbe airport has such lousy security that the IGP himself said he thinks we don’t have serious terrorists in Uganda. In other words, we are a disaster waiting to happen.