So far…

I can’t believe this is my first post this year. First, but am sure it’s not that last now that I have loads of free time on my hands. This is one of the fastest years I’ve gone through. It seems like just yesterday it was January. Anyway, back to business. The year still has 8 months to go so today I present to you the top 4 trends I’ve noticed so far this year.

#1. Red and black hair
I am not sure what the reason for this is but all of a sudden I woke and it seemed like every lady around me with treated hair had applied a bit of red to it. A uniform of sorts, which I have failed to understand.

#2. Girl Code
Since when did this come up? Apparently a gentlewoman is not allowed to date her friend’s friends!!!! What the hell is this shit!!

#3. Funny laws
Since late last year to early this year East Africa is known for one thing…passing ridiculous laws which have steered some international attention to this part of the world.

#4. What happened to the oil?
The one thing most governments know how to do well is create diversions in their respective states to distract the public from the big issues. Case in point, Uganda. Right now some of the major stories running through the media houses today are; Lukwago’s fight for his mayoral seat, Mbabazi v Museveni, Artists v Dj’z et cetera. What happened to the oil stories? What happened to the noise the media and Mp’s made about ensuring transparency in all the oil transactions? Where is that transparency?