Random bilowozo

She has something to share with the world but no….she won’t do it! Why? Maybe, just maybe, she doesn’t want to share because it’s a piece of her she’s holding on to. A piece of her soul that she feels belongs to her and her alone. A piece she wants to keep away from the rest of the world. A piece that she feels is untainted in a heavily tainted world. A piece that she locks up deep within and only lets loose for others to take a peek when it gets pretty crowded deep deep within. Like a coke can that is dying to be opened she flips the soda can tab and whoooosh… out goes the preservative gas, out the crowded feelings go. Then and only then, when the can is opened, do we get to peek at what has been tightly guarded deep within her. Maybe she’s shy and fears the world out there will bring the hammer down on her for wasting their precious time making them read words they are too familiar with. Maybe she doesn’t want anyone else to see her naked because reading her intimate thoughts is like taking away that last piece of cloth she has to cover her parts with. Maybe she’s not supposed to share and that’s how she stays good at it. But the one thing we should be thankful for is that we get to peek when she lets us in.