Radical Accountability

A couple of months ago I was talking to an architect, an intellectual architect in my opinion. He mentioned a couple of things which got me thinking about our dear leaders. These are my thoughts;

The reason why banks are very successful at what they do anywhere in the world is because they make very minimal losses or none whatsoever. They lose money through fraudulent transactions, unsecured loans, getting less value from the securities put forward among others. This kind of loss may add up to 10% or 5% from a projected 100% projected profit percentage. Meaning that when figures are added up at the end of the day the banks will be making a total profit of 90%. So how do they make that can kind of profit? Banks make most of their profits from loans. With a loan the formula is pretty simple. If you want a loan you have to present a security which is equivalent to the amount you want to borrow or more. If you have no security you don’t get a loan. That is the simple formula. You can’t walk into a bank and expect to smooth talk your way into being advanced a loan with no security.

So why don’t we subject the same formula to our so called leaders? They should give us a guarantee/security that in case they fail to fulfill what they promised they are going to be held “radically accountable”. They should know that once they fail to deliver they are going to face the music. For example; let’s assume a scale of 5 is created. If a leaders promises to fulfill 5 goals and ends up fulfilling only 3 he should give VALID reasons why the 2 were not fulfilled. If the reasons are not VALID punishment is subjected. What kind of punishment am I talking about?

  1. Serving jail term for failure to deliver on promises. The jail term is determined by how much you have failed to achieve.
  2. Selling of the politician’s property to try and get done whatever the politician failed to do.
  3. Kiboko from the whipping committee. The number of canes is determined by the level of one’s failure. The Kiboko is to be administered by the “whipping committee” which committee is comprised of Red Topped personnel…..

Once again these are my thoughts….


“Master of the game” indeed!

I found myself angry all of a sudden yesterday. Why? A good-bad ending to a great read, “Master of the Game”. Whatever kind of surgery Keith gave Eve must have been mind boggling! The sad bit is that we never get to know what was actually done to her. I guess that was the writer’s way of making his reader’s explore their imagination. I picture a bunch of people sipping on wine and sharing ideas of what they think Keith did to Eve. One thing is for sure though; whatever Keith did transformed Eve from a sexy-cunning creature who had the power to manipulate anyone to an ugly distasteful slave who only served Keith Webster as his slave.



Watched The Great Gatsby a few days ago! Finally! It’s one of those movies I was waiting to get my hands on. Why? Di Caprio starring in it as the main actor for starters! Many might not agree with me but I think the ending was perfect! The fact that Gatsby dies in the end is the only way that story could have been ended. Living without his soul mate would have been DEATH itself. Getting shot on the other hand quickly put him out of what would be his pending misery.

Pending Disappointment

Everyone around me seems to have this notion that in the future I am going to be overweight. Those close to me and people I just got to know a couple of months ago. So today I’ve resolved to disappoint them all. Plans have already been set in motion and if all goes well a lot of people are going to be disappointed! Watch the space!

Mugabe business

After re-watching The God Father franchise, I was reminded why I like watching classic movies. Next up, the Matrix marathon!
Mugabe business: I am of the opinion that Robert Mugabe should just be left alone to do whatever he wants. It’s a miracle he has survived this long. At 89, the man is still ruling the country and Zimbabwe is going to have to endure his rule for the next 6 years. The opposition has failed to oust him to this day. This morning I’ve decided to suggest a few things anti-Mugabe groups could do to have their way;

1.    Hire the Egyptians to show them how a president can be forcefully removed from the “throne”.
2.    Let the man rule till he dies on the “throne”, burry him, and then elect another president.
3.     Organise a quick meeting with his maker, God Father Style.