True meaning of Woman emancipation


Writing this has been a heavy debate in my head for a very long time and after serious talks with some of my friends this is what I came up with but before I dwell deep into this I would first of all want to absolve myself of any bad judgment that might be thrust unto me by some of you. Now that that’s out of the way;

This is woman emancipation from my point of view which is shared by many or so I assume. These are the 6 top things woman emancipation spells out to me.

  1. No more chivalry. With the introduction of woman emancipation chivalry was thrown out the window. Good bye chivalry, hullo emancipation
  2. No more “when are you taking me out” talk. Take you out?? What are you saying? Since we are now equal you should be the one taking me out and I will return the favour, hopefully.
  3. No more “can you please do this for me?” No I can’t. Do it yourself or otherwise pay me to do it.
  4. No more treats! You either treat yourself or do something for me and maybe, maybe in return I will think about giving you a treat.
  5. Woman emancipation means it’s time for us to start splitting the bill. 50/50 baby 50/50!
  6. No more “why haven’t you called me, I had something to ask you?” why should I have called? You are the one who had that something to tell me so why didn’t you call me.

Yes, that is woman emancipation for you!! If you are with child this doesn’t apply to you because carrying a child for nine months is no easy feat but after you are done carrying the child the terms and conditions come back into play.