When you’re listening to one of our
conversations you might here the word
MOTHER FUCKER about 32 times. Don’t
be afraid of the word MOTHER
FUCKER… Imma break it down to
ya… If you’re out there this
afternoon and you see like 3 or 4
brothers talkin’, you might hear a
conversation and it goes like this:
You seen that MOTHER FUCKIN’ Bobby?
FUCKEN dollars! He told me he gone
pay my MOTHER FUCKEN money last
MOTHER FUCKEN week. I aint seen this
MOTHER FUCKER yet! I’m not gonna
chase this MOTHER FUCKER for my 35
MOTHER FUCKEN dollars. I called the
times… but the MOTHER FUCKER won’t
call me back. I called his momma the
other MOTHER FUCKEN day… she gonna
play like the MOTHER FUCKER wasn’t
in. I started to cuss her MOTHER
FUCKEN ass out, but I don’t want no
MOTHER FUCKEN trouble. But I’ll tell
ya one MOTHER FUCKEN thang… the
next MOTHER FUCKEN time I see this
MOTHER FUCKER… and he ain’t got my
MOTHER FUCKEN money… I’m gonna
bust – his – MOTHER FUCKEN head! And


If I was Sejuusiza…

If I was Sejuusa I would do the following;
1. I would sit and come up with a strategy to leave the army since I tried to leave in the 90’s but bosses made sure I stay and serve
2. I would tap into the “darkest closet” of the government and look for something to create some tension within the country, something that will make the “visionary” paranoid.

3. After finding that something I would write about it and save it as a draft before I send it to those I want to address it to.

4. After saving my draft I would then consider which first world countries provide for asylum then choose one that I think will be more open to granting me asylum. I would probably choose the UK since it’s one of the countries that subscribe to the 1951 United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees.

5. After this I would then fly out to the UK, settle in well and get a cup of coffee and my laptop or rather ipad.

6. I would then sit on my sofa open up my Gmail, pull up the draft and add a couple of email addresses in the Cc: box. The first email address would be that of my junior then maybe add a couple of email addresses of some media houses.

7. Then hit SEND.
But since I am not Sejuusiza I will just continue watching my Da Vinci’s Demons. Going to episode 5 now…  

Uganda chased out!

Uganda is officially out of the BBA! I guess this time round our representatives didn’t have what it takes to stay in the house. Either that or most of us didn’t even bother voting because we felt no need to. These are some of the reasons I think most of us didn’t bother voting, rather some of you because I am just an observer in on the sidelines.
1. Confusing being too arrogant for being cool. If you are tall and play basketball so what? Like my friend Pascal asked “how can you just throw there some ka wanabe just because he’s tall and he plays basket ball?”
2. Being too crazy for Africa to handle. If you go into a house where you are expected to live in harmony with other people and you decide to go naked in the Jacuzzi on day 1 of 91 days, that’s too much!
3. The rest of the housemates are too boring and so they find interesting characters out of place so they decide to nominate them for eviction
4. You people are too broke to vote.

At the end of the day we are out of the chase(not chess, don’t know why they decided to use chess pieces instead) and may the best man or woman win the 300,000USD!


Mp’s shouting at each other in a parliamentary session, Nambooze threatening to kick one of the “honourable Mp’s, J. musisi scrambling with Lukwago… these are grown ass people acting like a bunch of Kids who are asking Daddy “who’s better than the other?” Total anarchy! But the public will have to endure all this anarchy; we have to endure otherwise we shall all go insane or worse still, start behaving like them. From chaos comes some kind order eventually. We are 50 yrs old and though that may seem like a huge number in terms of human age it is a very small figure in terms of state age. History has showed us that when it comes with young democracies we should expect chaos as we try to develop as a state. This means one thing… more chaos it yet to be seen!!