Parliamentary reform propasal. What say you?

Is the Uganda Parliament of 375 MPs still
Accountable to the People of Uganda? (Proposal by Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba, PhD)

On Thursday 23rd May 2013, news came out of
Parliament indicating that at the time of the roll
call, only 119 MPs, out of 375 MPs were in
attendance, falling short of the required quorum
of 1/3 (125 Mps) to transact business. Low
attendance by MPs has become a practice.
Furthermore, analysis shows that less than 50
MPs are actively involved in debates in
Parliament. Actually at least 1/3 (125 MPs) have
never spoken on the floor of Parliament. Again
most of the MPs are accused of dodging their
constituencies yet they receive monthly mileage
to travel to their constituencies.
President Museveni recently admitted that the
districts are to many which indirectly implied
that the District Women MPs are too many too
and has vowed not to create more new districts.
The salary of one district woman MP can pay at
least 100 primary school teachers at a monthly
salary of UGX 200,000 and 100 teachers can run
10 schools in a district.
For a population of just 35 million people its
time to re-ignite the debate of having a small
and effective Parliament. I could propose 75
MPs representing 75 constituencies with each
constituency having an average population of
500,000. If we provide for 25 MPs to represent
special interest groups like the youth, women
etc then we could have a Parliament of 100
MPs. This would also require raising the
minimum academic qualification for someone to
be an MP to a Bachelor’s degree instead of S6 to
improve the quality of the debates. Reducing
Parliament to just 100 MPs, would allow the
country to save money for the 275 MPs, which
is approximately UGX 5.5 billion per month and
UGX 66 billion per year. This is enough money
to recruit 27,500 primary school teachers at a
monthly salary of UGX 200,000 or 18,333
primary school teachers at a monthly salary of
UGX 300,000. A similar computation applies if
part of this money is used to recruit nurses that
are grossly lacking in the health centres
In the event that we cannot win the argument of
reducing the size of Parliament then let us
advocate for ranking MPs. For instance in
academia, a PhD holder can be a Lecturer,
Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor or
Professor. These ranks attract different salaries
and allowances. So we could have MP, Senior
MP, Principal MP or Professional MP. After the
electorate have voted for the MPs they would
then face a Parliamentary vetting committee
comprised of experts from outside Parliament to
rank them on the basis of their qualifications,
experience, debating skills, critical thinking
skills, research skills etc. If the MP, Senior MP,
Principal MP and Professional MP earned a
consolidated monthly pay of UGX 5 million, 10
million, 15 million and 20 million respectively
then the government would still save a lot of
money despite having a big Parliament as the
majority of the MPs would fall under the
category of MP and Senior MP. A the end of
each session, MPs would be given a bonus
proportional to their performance in Parliament
but in any case not more than ½ of the monthly
consolidated pay earned by the MP.

NB: This is a propasal that was put out by Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba on his social media.


Part 2! The sequeal

If i come to your house with a court order which gives me permission to search your house for a particular item I would do the following; enter your house, take away your phone, cut off your internet, take down your blog if you have one, stop you from cooking your meals and tear gas all those who come to disturb me while I am carrying out the “search”. Did I leave out anything?


Ugandan politics is getting really boring! If antics are to be pulled, let them be original. One thing is for sure, there will always be antics in politics, on our soil and in lands far far away. So while they are at it why not be original? Kudos to our Kenyan counter parts who paraded MPIGS infront of the Kenyan parliament! Now that’s original. Hardly a week has passed by and Nambooze is boasting about how she has the capacity to get more pigs than the Kenyans. Where is the creativity and originality? I want to stop yawning whenever am going through the morning paper.

Umeme wins again

Imagine you have had a really really long day and you can’t wait to get back home, have a warm shower and watch a series you have been dyin to get your hands on. Imagine you are on your way back home that day and you want the driver to step on it so that you get home ASAP! Now imagine you get home you get into your room, switch on the lights…. AND THERE’S NO DAMN UMEME!!

Uganda vs Kenya

These are more shocking statistics for you!  On Labour day president Museveni told Ugandans that they would not have a minimum wage for their labourers. On the same day in Kenya Kenya’s president, Uhuru, told Kenyans that their minimum wage was goin to be raised to Kshs 9,780 per month which is a total of Ushs 293,400. This is more than what primary school teachers earn in Uganda. Last year statistics showf that the average wage in Uganda is Ushs 150,000 which is close to half what Kenya will be paying as a minimum wage. This means that in a month an unskilled Kenyan worker will be earning more than skilled and educated workers in Uganda.

5 vehicles in the whole country!

Reading the paper this morning and I came across some interesting statistics about Rwanda. Apparently Rwanda has only 5 gov’t vehicles in the whole country! Those who don’t have gov’t vehicles have to board taxis like the rest of the citizens! By doing this Rwanda has managed to save up to 1.2 trillion shillings each year. These statistics were being compared with Uganda’s expenditure. Uganda spends 225 billion on government vehicles. 100 billion is spent on repairs alone and 125 billion is spent on the actual purchasing. Hypophetical: if Uganda was to adopt such a reform I wonder who would be among the 5 that would get vehicles. Kudos to Rwanda but there are reforms which can never happen in Uganda…for now!!