Legal bestiality

This is going to shock you! Brace yourself!

One of the famous cases of bestiality is the Enumclam horse sex case. In this case a man’s colon was ruptured while attempting to fornicate with a horse. He was too embarassed to go to hospital so he bled to death. 6 months after this incident Washington state passed a bill banning the act. Other cases in other states have not been so prominent and the act remains legai. In North Carolina 3 bull dog puppies were dumped in a shelter. Medical examinations were conducted and it was discovered that they had been raped multiple times. Foreign objects like bolts and metal screws had been inserted into their tiny rectums. One of the puppies had severe injuries which killed the puppy. In Florida a dog known as janey which was then 3yrs old was being raped by a 54yr old grand dad who just got a slap on the wrist. Bestiality is legal in 17 states in the US!!


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